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Magnit (Магнит, "Magnet"), was briefly Russia's largest food retailer. It was founded in 1994 in Krasnodar by Sergey Galitsky. As of March 2016, the company had 12,434 stores in 2,385 locations. They include 9,715 convenience stores, 225 hypermarkets, 2,337 Magnit Cosmetics stores and 157 Magnit family stores. The company employs more than 140,000 people and has been opening several dozen stores each month.

Since 2006, the company has developed a chain of "Magnit" hypermarkets in many Russian cities and towns. It overtook its rival X5 Retail as Russia's largest retailer in terms of sales in April 2013, although it is still under-represented in Moscow. As of July 2014, it is the world's fourth largest retailer by market capitalization.However, the largest retailer in Russia in 2017 is the X5 Retail Group. In early 2018 major changes in ownership and leadership occurred in Magnit. In February the founder sold the vast majority of his stake in the company to a leading Russian state-owned bank called VTB Bank.

A customer left this review," Magnit hyermarket food sucks. It is a big grocery store out of which about 89% are food items you may never need. Products here need to be checked. I get home and there's always something wrong with my purchase. It's either rotten or mislabelled and toxic. Close it down."


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Ss says

"I placed an order, got a refund because my glasses rx was incorrect and then I replaced a new order and have been waiting for weeks. It took almost 2 weeks for it to be processed and shipped! Then i get an email with the tracking number and it was supposed to be delivered by the end of the month and now an unexpected delay!!! I am so furious with zenni, this will most likely be my last time ordering from Zenni. When I tried to talk to someone about it i kept getting rerouted to new people in which i had to keep re-explaining myself!! I’m just trying to see the world well. I am very disappointed with how everything is going. Still haven received my glasses and it’s been almost a month now."

Brad Wray says

"Not even close to being correct prescription. Won't let me get in touch with anyone to correct issues. Will never use again. And will strongly recommend that others not use this service."

Ginny says

"I was trying to get a return authorization for my last pair of glasses I received that used someone else’s prescription. She didn’t know what do or didn’t want to help me. Maybe my last purchase from Zenni"

Clive Dawson says

"I ordered my glasses on June 26. 2020 and today is August 4. 2020 and I still have not received them."

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